Final reflections

My Essential Question is “how can I use technology to promote student reading and increase their background knowledge?”   I created and understood my EQ one way but as I began my learning in class, I began to realize that there isn’t one answer to my question and the answer will always be changing.  The amount of ways that I can use technology to promote student reading is infinite.   As long as we use our imaginations, how can we not promote student reading or increase background knowledge through technology?  Seeing all of our class creations reinforces this theory.  So…how did I connect my learning in class to my EQ?  I connected it every time I experienced a new tool or witnessed a classmate’s idea come to life.

With regards to seeing my classmate’s creations, I have enjoyed reading everyone’s blogs.  It really shows how unique we are and how we can all learn the same information but we our outcomes can be very different.  One of my favorite parts of sharing on our blogs is the feeling that we are in this together.  I mentioned that I wanted to provide inciteful responses to my peer’s blogs and I feel that I have gotten better with my comments and questions.  But I must say that because of the amazing projects we have produced, I really just want to say “Wow!  Great job!”

I have learned so much in this class and many are things that I never heard of before.  And with this in mind, my biggest accomplishment is my confidence.  I have been worried in the past that I am too “old school” and it would be difficult for me to incorporate some of the technology tools.  It is not that I didn’t want to learn new skills but more about how would it work with what I already utilize.  Now I am confident that I can mix and match technology with my existing skills to create exciting outcomes with my own twist.   I feel confident in creating excitement.  So, I am thankful for being taken out of my comfort zone because I have some great ideas.

I’m really happy with how far I have come and can’t wait to see where I will go.  And remember, Happy Brewing!


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