This week’s blog topic is to choose a component of our Learning Project to reflect upon.  This has been very difficult for me because I’m lacking enthusiasm.  I know it is not specifically this project but more because I lost my steam with everything after fall break.  I was very excited to have the time off because it gave me the opportunity to concentrate on a paper due for another class.  I felt it would also recharge me and leave me excited for the second half of the semester.  Instead, I am not motivated and feel lackluster.  I should be excited about my chosen lesson because I feel like what I am creating will be transferable to my future position/career.  But…I’m not.  Therefore, please forgive me about my humdrum reflections. I feel like my creative juices are not flowing as freely as they were and time is not on my side.   Is anyone else feeling the week 11 blahs?


I’ve decided to reflect on the teaching and learning activities with the timeline.  The timeline has been a challenge for me.  The allotted time for the specials (Music, Art, PE, Media/Computer) at my elementary school is 45 minutes.  I know what I want to accomplish within the timeframe but to fully understand if one part will take 5 minutes or another part will take 8 minutes isn’t something I am up to speed with yet.  This seems like a small part of the big picture but when every educational minute is accounted for in the school day, you want to make the most out of the time you have.  I know once I have created my tutorial, some of my time frames will come together but right now this is what my brain is stuck on.  

Time is not on my side.  In fact, time is my enemy!

(I need Catherine’s help with a gif but for now think of a clock with a minute hand going really, really fast!)




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  1. catherinemprince
    Nov 05, 2013 @ 18:53:09


  2. catherinemprince
    Nov 05, 2013 @ 18:56:43

    Oh no! It didn’t work!


  3. catherinemprince
    Nov 05, 2013 @ 19:03:46


  4. catherinemprince
    Nov 05, 2013 @ 19:06:22

    Things get crazy in the eleventh hour!


  5. michellefolkman
    Nov 05, 2013 @ 19:40:29

    I totally agree! Though I think I had the blahs more last week and am starting to snap out of it. Hang in there!
    I agree too about the time factor. I have no idea how long any component of my lesson might take. I chose 90 minutes because we do workshops about that long in the DMC, but I really wouldn’t know what works till I do it. Still I guess if we try for a timeline that might help. Hope this helps.


  6. Amy Snyder
    Nov 05, 2013 @ 20:50:14

    I definitely understand the lessened enthusiasm. Although I think the cold might have something to do with it–I want to hibernate, not drive to class.

    I’m having some trouble with the time for the in-class portion. I selected a 50 minute block, since I intend this as a lesson for a college composition class, but I wasn’t sure how to divide it. It might just be one of those things that you have to wait for the first time you give the lesson to find out.


  7. TrinaAbounds
    Nov 05, 2013 @ 22:57:10

    Hang in there! We’re almost there.


  8. srklawit
    Nov 06, 2013 @ 01:03:12

    Of course, my possible adjustment is about time. Savannah provided a very good idea for me with regards to my time line. She suggested that there was not enough time for the students to perform their own searches and I agreed. I have decided to move my assessment to the next class time with a review of the tutorial. Thanks for the suggestion.

    My suggestion was for Savannah to try the exit ticket approach as part of her assessment. I like the idea of having the student answer a question before they can exit the class.


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