Find & Flip Videos

During my childhood, Saturday morning cartoons were very important to me.  This was the only time that I had an opportunity to choose what I wanted to watch.  An important aspect of the this ritual was Schoolhouse Rock! and at the time, they were commercials.  I loved them.  I could sing along with them (I still can) and I didn’t even realize that they were educational.

While I was looking through the Find & Flip Videos, I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for in a video.  But one stood out.  It is called the “Comma Story” by Terisa Folaron and the description reminded me of the Schoolhouse Rock! video “Conjunction, Junction”.  There wasn’t a catchy tune or anything like that, but the content was similar. In fact, I mentioned it to a co-worker and after she viewed it, she showed the “Comma Story” to her class.  She had some materials that included the FAN BOYS from the “Comma Story”.  She was able to begin her lesson by showing the video as a introduction which lead into a discussion and assessment of understanding.   I have shared both the “Comma Story” and “Conjunction, Junction”.

“Comma Story” by Terisa Folaran

“Conjunction, Junction” by Schoolhouse Rock!

I wonder if ABC realized that Schoolhouse Rock! would be as popular today as it was when it originated in 1973?  And could Schoolhouse Rock! videos be considered Find & Flip videos?


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